“We had a wonderful experience with Jentayu Gallery! Everyone was praising how good the dais looked and how beautiful the wedding was. It was a fast and hassle free experience with the help of Abang Joji’s expertise and professionalism to realise my dream wedding at the AMC! So much love and appreciation for the whole team!”
— Magdalene, Jan 2019
“Jentayu definitely delivered and exceeded our expectations. Abang Joji & Kak Fay were really accommodating and I appreciated the ease of contact and communication during the wedding planning. I trusted Abang Joji’s creativity and had 100% faith in his craft and boy.. we were not disappointed. The view as I entered the venue that morning was absolutely breathtaking, and it was beyond anything I could ever imagine. Our families and guests, both local and from abroad raved about the beautiful decor even after the wedding.”
— Atiqah, July 2018
“Kami benar-benar rasa seperti raja dan permaisuri sehari yang bertakhta di singgahsana.Masyallah! Moga setiap sentiasa meluru maju Jentayu!
Thank you Cik Fay! For everything!”
— Arini & Zahir, Dec 2018
“...The deco was top notch! You turned an empty ballroom into a gorgeous Indian ambience. We felt so happy with tears of joy! The fresh flowers all over was beautiful! The hand made peacock flowers.. WOW! Thank you for all the hardwork! “
— Safraz & Zalikha
“...these are the people with the magic hands and minds who are constantly improving the standards within the local Malay wedding industry and I have so much respect and awe for what they do...”
— Farhana, Hello Khronicles
“...Abang Joji & his team are totally out of this world! The amount of effort, patience, dedication and passion being put in is totally A+ mazing..! The one thing we totally love about Abang Joji is his instant creativity & passion for the arts. He went really all out for our big day! He really helped us to think ‘out of the box’ and also with unique ideas & suggestions! Something whereby you can never imagine when you’re too stressed up planning. Not only with deco but with your wedding needs! He is like our fairy godfather! ...”

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