Usually couples already have their wedding fantasies. They also help me with a slew of ideas. So there is an outpouring of creative ideas from both parties. I cannot have any preferences. So I try to accommodate their liking . I always tell myself that this is not my function. This is your big day, your special day, your wedding, your special occasion.
— Fauzi Anwar

Fauzi Anwar has been affectionately called by some of his clients as Singapore's David Tutera. Fauzi joined Jentayu Gallery in 2010 as Head Designer. He took over as Creative Director and Owner in 2012 and has not looked back since. He is dedicated to building on Jentayu Gallery's reputation and track record as market leader and trendsetter. Fauzi was trained in traditional Malay performing arts from a young age and this influence is reflected in some of Jentayu Gallery's dramatic and eye-catching designs. 

Photo by: Reign Beau Vision | Zohri